Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coyote Two Moon Recap

Four days later, we are still drying tarps, mailing back abandoned drop bags, cleaning up and reorganizing post-C2M, but I wanted to post a quick something before heading back out to the garage.  Going through all the wonderful emails the Buffoon has received, I decided to copy and paste snippets of a few of them... much to the Buffoon's embarrassment; they are posted below.  Everyone has been so gracious and sweet and kind with regard to Chris's having to call off the event just before midnight on Saturday due to very nasty and deteriorating weather conditions.  We are thankful for attracting (mostly) a caliber of runner, volunteer, and radio operator who not only "get" the spirit of C2M but who also appreciate both the peculiarities of staging an event in these mountains and the disappointing decision with which the Buffoon was faced.

I stand by my previous assertion that we have some of the best band of volunteers and radio guys an RD could ever hope for, but I don't even want to start listing them for fear of leaving somebody out.  They are appreciated more than they know!!

As for my own run, I was having a grand time until midway back up the Pratt Trail (mile 70ish).  But then the rain began to fall, and as I neared Ridge Road the wind picked up markedly.  By the time I reached Gridley Top, I was nearing popsicle status.  Having spent way more time in my life being cold than any human being should, I knew that these were the most dangerous of conditions:  rain/sleet, strong winds, exposure (on the ridge), subfreezing temps, and runners in a depleted physical state.  Although a kind volunteer (thanks Gretchen!) lent me her ski parka (!) for the descent to Gridley Botton, I could not get warm and knew that my run was over.  Upon reaching GB, fellow M3 start grouper Bruce G. - with a smile on his face, I might add - informed me that the run had been cancelled.

The anxiety-filled post cancellation hours consitute another couple of blog posts (including, among other mishaps, the radio antenna being blown down at Cozy Dell, elev. 920 ft., effectively cutting off communication), but without further ado (I have work to do!), here are those snippets...

Just a short note to give you my heartfelt thanks for all you did for the runners and volunteers at Coyote Two Moon. Whatever anyone says about the course or the weather, it was the finest example I've yet experienced of good, big-hearted people stepping up to take charge of fast moving conditions to avert a potential calamity. It was truly awe-inspiring to watch from a runner's point of view. I have attended three years of post-incident wilderness emergency seminars through NOLS, but learned more watching you and the good folks at Gridley Top, and I know I only saw a tiny slice of what went on. I kept telling myself "this is my tribe". I was very proud of everyone, and you in particular.  (JR)
I'm from Minnesota.  I thought, "Show me your 'weather.'"  Fortunately I didn't say anything about how I was from Minnesota and there was no weather out on the left coast that could stop me.  I might have been thinking that, in my addled and spacey brain.  (RC)

In spite of my disappointment at not having the opportunity to finish this course, I wouldn’t have missed the adventure of this past weekend for the world.  It’s the stuff that makes for great stories.   (PV)
For the next C2M I think I would bring some expedition gear for the South Pole or the Everest area.  (UH)
I used to think the "Hardly-Walk" was the tuffest ultra. After the last two years of the Coyote, HR is #2. (BP)
Absolutely loved the course and I will have to tell you my cousin Hannah Roberts said it was way more difficult than HURT, and she loved it.   (JG)
You along with your pal Mother Nature provided us with another set of memories to last a lifetime.  (PM)
Thanks for an amazing time! You and your crew are truly top notch!!!   I wanna come back every year -if you'll have me.  (KL)
From the bottom of my heart, a HUGE THANKS to you and the uber first class volunteers who put C2M on top of the ultra world! I sincerely had one of the best weekend of my life out there. I've learned so much about myself, others, and always humbled. Thank you for making the smartest decision last Saturday of the most memorable, fantastic, awesomeness adventures of my running career.  Yes, I loved every second, step, wind, snow, wet, rain, I never really got to run that far before on the actual course....81 miles!!   (CL)
All the volunteers were so awesome and you are so very special Chris  :)  You rock!  My only complaint is my cheeks are still sore from laughing!!  Maybe warn people of that on the web!  Get those smiley cheeks in shape:)   (BN)
It's time to recognize you as the greatest RD ever.... I am so thankful to forever be able to say, pound my chest, thump my missle, and facecrack the world that you fucking created the best "event" I have ever been associated with. Whatever I need to do to help you keep this Coyote Two Moon "fun run" moon'in, well I am here to help.   (GL)

This total story will be one for the ages. Other races may cancel in a drizzle just to compare themselves to C2M. We all know there is and cannot be any worthy copycats.  (EO)

Instead of a run, we were treated to the giving and sharing that is really the spirit of trail running...  This event will endure into trail running history as one of the great survival stories. (MB)
Behind all those nasty dark curtains of wind driven rain and snow, there still shined a brilliant moon…Vicki would be proud. (RH)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Almost Ready for Coyote Two Moon

The Two Moon Buffoon has been keeping us busy in preparation for the C2M festivities which will commence in one short week.  Check out the website!  Chris is quite imaginative and verbose, so there is a lot of info there.  (Might want to grab a glass of wine or a beer before settling in.)  I would be surprised if there is an RD out there who pours more heart and soul--and hours!--into their events than Chris does, but of course I am kind of partial.  :)  Before Chris and I got together, I had no clue what went into making a running event of this magnitude happen.  I would pay my entry fee, show up, run, and go home with not a whole lot of thought regarding all the hard work necessary.  NOW I have some idea!

There is the permitting process with the US Forest Service...
The many planning meetings at Charlie's Patio on PCH...
Lots of hours of trail work in four organized outings by C2M'ers...
Procurement of really, really groovy prizes...
Pancake runs in Point Mugu State Park...
Followed by more pre-race "meetings"...
Bringing fluids up to the three on-ridge aid stations and making sure the approach roads are passable...
Mark (above) is station chief at Ridge Jct., while Wild Bill (below) mans both Sisar and Gridley Bottom...
This rock was thankfully on the trail and not in the road...
Training runs on the C2M course, some in snow even!  
Still more planning meetings...
And more trail work.  Ooh, I wanna run down this trail...
Time out to enjoy the lovely views of the ocean and Channel Islands from the C2M Ridge...
Some course scouting runs for the Buffoon... moi.  Oh, how I love running amongst the sea dahlias this time of year.  :)
Since I am actually entered in the 100 miler this year, I was very happy to have done the old C4P 40 miler, including Butt-Crack Rock, as my last long training run a couple of weeks ago...
Views into Serrano Canyon were awesome...
The weather has been grand for running.  Yippee, yippee, yippee!  I love living here.
Then back to work in the garage.  This is only a small portion of the "stuff."  The mannequin has been with us for a couple of years now, but it's time for her to go!  For what performance shall this be a prize?  Hmm...
There is a lot left to do:  picking up the Patagonia shirts and puff pullovers from the stitchers (got a sneak preview and they look great!), stuffing the runners' bags, getting some aid station boxes ready, sorting prizes, etc., etc.

We are looking forward to a fun party next week!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today's run in 6 photos

11 Miles in Point Mugu State Park - Happy spring!!