Monday, June 4, 2012

Missouri Miles - DONE

I must admit to being rather unexcited about accompanying Chris on his latest work assignment to the Heartland - that is, Kansas City - but that's because all my brain could conjure up was barbeque and flat row upon flat row of corn.  What I'd forgotten is that at a certain midwestern longitude, the air becomes more humid, the water becomes more abundant, and the predominant springtime color on the landscape is GREEN.  Such was the case with KC.

We found some great trails within a short drive of our accommodations:  Swope Park, BURP, Landahl Park, and Smithville Lake.  All the trails were smooth singletrack, playfully weaving back and forth through the hardwood forests with little ups 'n downs, and all the trails were built by the mountain biking community.  Thank you, thank you, thank you mountain bikers.  I was able to easily get in about 70 miles on these fun trails.  We also ate barbeque.  KC was pretty cool.

This is a short and sweet post because we have been super busy with "stuff" and hopefully will be in a position to relay some very good and exciting news in the near future !