Monday, June 11, 2007


Spending the next few weeks in Washington State to climb mountains, run beautiful trails, and DRINK GOOD COFFEE! :) Ahh, yes... one of the things I love about WA is all the little drive-through espresso stands in the tiniest of towns. This is the bridge crossing the mouth of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. And below is the quaint town of Astoria with the same bridge in the background:

And THIS is the Astoria Column , the top of which can be reached by climbing a circular staircase of 164 steps. Kind of reminded me of climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa as a child... only this one was skinnier... and not leaning. The exterior artwork was pretty cool.

An interesting factoid: this is the area where Lewis & Clark wintered upon finally reaching the Pacific Ocean. The NPS has erected a "replica" of their fort on, or at least very near, the actual site, as well as a visitors' center, etc.


Loomdog said...

Wow, Awesome photos! Thanks for the flower and green shots...sand here is getting old! Home soon though. Enjoy the of my favorites.

Be safe up high,


bruno said...

great photos sue! i sho' 'nuff love me some washington state. i couldn't live there full time though cuz i need me some sunlight! but i dang sho' dig it! and yeah, the coffee! i like mine black as the ace o' spades and thick enough so a spoon stand straight up. no milk no sugar!! whooet!

; )

Sue J. said...

Cream, no sugar. :p

Hey Bruno, I need more sunlight, too. Trees sure are nice & big though!!