Sunday, July 15, 2007


Aah, Hardrock. My favorite race of all. And what a race this year! (How many times did YOU hit "refresh"??) Most amazing finishes and new course records in arguably "the harder direction" by Krissy and Scott, but also FIVE people under 30 hours, and NINETY-EIGHT total finishers, also a record by a huge margin! Emily, 2nd place girl and 8th overall, had an awesome run as well, PR'ing by several hours. Emily and I both ran Hardrock for the first time in 1999, she at 23, still the youngest ever Hardrock finisher. It was nice to see Betsy N. and Betsy K. on the finishers list yet again, as well as previous winners Karl, Paul, Ricky, Blake, and Kirk (and Mark until he unfortunately had to drop). Finally, a special congratulations to my friend and Montrail teammate Diana from PA--you did it, Girl! :)

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