Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quick trip home

Last week I squeezed in a quick trip to New England to visit my folks in Northern Vermont and my beloved White Mtns. in neighboring New Hampshire. The visit was all too short, but I managed a *wicked awesome* hike up Cannon Mtn., one of my favorite running routes--a rolling 8 miler on the quiet back roads of Barnet and Peacham, and a nice visit with my ex and our dog.

My parents fed me well: BBQ chicken (by request) the first night, pancakes with real maple syrup (well duh), and yummy baked ziti the second night. So nice to be home and hard to leave the beautiful place that is Vermont in June.

Best dog in the world:

I've been getting in a lot of running miles the past couple of weeks. Three weeks of zero running miles in Alaska, then weeks of 75 and 60. Likely a coach would not approve; good thing I don't have one. :) For me, these are big weeks; even when I was racing a lot, I rarely got in more than 30-40 miles/week. It has been HOT, even here on the coast ("but it's a dry heat"), and because I am not a morning person, I get to feel the full brunt of the midday heat, quite the contrast to the subzero conditions of a month ago. Not complaining though--I feel great and like the heat!
On Thursday we embark on the next big mountain expedition: the high point of Illinois. Charles Mound, here we come! Preceding that will be the Fourth of July celebration in... drum roll... WALNUT, ILLINOIS!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue!!
Congrats on your Denali climb, this one must have been a butt-kicker! I would like to cross it off my list one day. Amazing stuff!

I thought I should let you know, since you're the fastest person on JMT, that I would like to challenge your time this summer. I'd be nice to get in touch, email me at michael.popov(at)yahoo.com and I'll give you the details.

Happy trails!! :-)

RunSueRun said...

Hello Michael,

Good luck on the supported JMT record attempt. I'll bet you're not the only one who tries to break it this summer! :p

I've actually been looking at your unsupported record...

Will email you.

Doug McKeever said...

Sue, glad to read that you're doing all the mileage...you can push or pull me up Rainier on July 29....I have plantar fasciitis bad!
P.S. hope the altitude didn't bother you at Charles Mound, nor the cows!