Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road trip - Summer 2010

Amarillo, Texas

Chris and I had a great summer!! We're finally back home after two months, 25 states, ~10,000 miles, and the best summer road trip ever. Our destination was Vermont, the main occasions being my folks' 50th anniversary and my stepson's wedding. Leaving California on July 5, we stopped that afternoon for a nice hike up Bill Williams Mountain in Williams, Arizona, before spending the night at our buddy Ian’s place in Flagstaff. At Amarillo, we got off I-40 and onto secondary highways, angling down to Lafayette, then New Orleans, Louisiana. Admittedly Louisiana usually isn’t a normal midsummer vacation destination--as expected, the weather was incredibly hot and humid (and when have we ever been accused of normalcy?)--but we got to visit our good friend Mark as well as Chris’s daughter Meghan.
A seven-mile “death run” (both temperature and humidity levels around 100F--ugh) with Mark in Chicot State Park inspired the creation of the Cajun Coyote to be held on December 4, with event distances of 100K, 67.293K, and 34.917K (roughly 60, 40, and 20 miles). Check it out! As with all Coyote events, this one is sure to be a fun time for all.  Don't worry:   it won't be that hot in December.

Mark and me at Avery Island, home of Tabasco sauce.  The sheen is due to the incredibly humid air!

After four days in Louisiana, we hightailed it up to New England stopping for a leg stretcher on the C&O Canal Towpath in Williamsport, Maryland. Arriving in Vermont July 14, I performed a quick gathering of supplies for Part 1 of the summer’s goals: the Long Trail…

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