Friday, April 1, 2011

C2M Happy Wanderers

The Ventura County Star did a nice front-page story on Coyote Two Moon in last Sunday's edition.  If you hover over some of the "photos," you will find that they are actually videos, the first one being the Two Moon Buffoon explaining his philosophy on C2M specifically and ultrarunning in general.  :)

We cracked up at the first reader comment - gotta love local newspapers and the people who comment!
"Let's call this what it is - a mental disorder. These people need therapy, not press coverage. This is not healthy."
I don't know what he is talking about.  These people all look perfectly normal to me:

The Happy Wanderers/Coyote Two Moon from Catherine Mataisz on Vimeo.
C2M pre-run lunch @ Boccali's, starring Jeff Browning, Wild Bill Kee, Roch Horton, Team Patagonia (Ty Draney, Justin Angle, Jamie Gifford, Scott Wolfe, Andy Jones-Wilkins, and Clark Zealand), and some dude with an alligator on his head.  Thanks Catherine.  :) 

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Anonymous said...

who IS that 4th grader in shorts w/ the Coyote?!!? entertainment PLUS!!