Monday, May 23, 2011

Jemez Top 10

We had a great time running the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs on Saturday!  My Top 10 list:

1.  Feeling like we were running a "mini-Hardrock"
2.  Truly enjoying the day without concern for time or placement
3.  The views from 10,000+ feet x 3 -- Caballo Mountain, Cerro Grande, and Pajarito Mtn.
4.  Running with Diana -- 40 miles of Girl Talk   :)
5.  Popsicles at miles 32 and 39, tofu (TOFU!) at mile 36.
6.  Deb's awesome potato soup at the mile 48 "Last Chance Saloon" aid station
7.  Blake's breaking 10 hours and beating lots of young guns
8.  One more state completed in my 50 Project
9.  Catching Chris, who was running the 50k, a quarter mile from the end and finishing together, hand in hand!
10.  Soaking in Spence Hot Springs on Sunday afternoon w/Chris and "the girls."  Aaaaah....!!

Photo by Steve Pero @ Last Chance Saloon


olga said...

Jemez is beautiful and will always have a special place in my heart. And yeah, Blake's time rocked!

ultrastevep said...

Glad you enjoyed the Last Chance Saloon, Sue!
Don't make this just a check mark for your state list, come back next year!

Tawnee Madlen said...

Soaking in the hot springs sounds sooo nice

Anonymous said...

nice blog i ran the cajun coyote with you or really behind you ...super fast you coming this year for the 100 miler??? later gater the noodle

RunSueRun said...

Olga, agree - especially since the course has been made harder!

Steve, we love the Jemez Mtns. of NM and will definitely be back!!

Noodle, YES - will be at Cajun again. Funny how 50 miles at Jemez took 1:40 longer than 100k at Cajun. ;-) Undecided which distance to run. See you there?

"Full Throttle"