Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Days in Sedona

We had a fun week playing in/on the Red Rocks of Sedona.  Broke up the drive by spending a night camping in Joshua Tree National Park.  Stayed in a sweet cabin, cooked some good food, and got lots of sleep--sun rises late in these parts this time of year.  Got in some good running and hiking miles but must admit to skepticism re the vortex phenomena:  no particular surge of energy or clarity of thought.  Hmm... 

1/7:  Wilson Peak, 9 miles
1/8:  Coxcomb Loop, 8 miles
1/9:  Tuzigoot, Montezuma's Castle and Well.  Bear Mountain for sunset and full moon, 6 1/2 miles
1/10:  Airport Mesa for sunrise, then Chimney Rock, 7 1/2 miles
1/11:  Sedona Circumnavigation on trails, 50k'ish
1/12:  Cathedral Rock, 2 miles
1/13:  Fear and Loathing Loop w/Sedona Running Co. locals, 8 miles

Broke up the drive home as well--spent some time playing with the burros in Oatman and the night camping in Mohave National Preserve near Kelso Sand Dunes.  Wicked fun. 
Your guess is as good as mine.

Montezuma's Well

First full moon hike of 2012, from Bear Mountain

Sedona Circumnavigation on Trail

Looking up near Cathedral Rock, a Vortex

Hero shot

On the way home

Oatman Welcoming Committee

Are these cute, or what?

Ooh, that feels gooood...

Kelso Sand Dunes...
That's a person on the summit for sunrise.

A very cool place

We climbed the tallest one and a couple adjacent...

Mojave Desert was C-O-L-D


Olga said...

I need one of those vacations already!!!

Deb said...

Hi Suzzzz...
Love the photos. Especially the burro legs...
okay, the Chris legs are sort of cute too...

trailgrrl said...

Wonderful pictures..when I see and read about adventures like this it makes me want to explore to get my tush out of New England and really see what is out a big thank you Sue

Leslie said...

Burro Vs. Chris. Love it! Just catching up on your latest adventures. I had the same tan lines as Chris in Australia, but worse. My running tan and lack of flip-flop tan revealed my true Canuckle heritage!!