Monday, November 26, 2007


Saturday was the Santa Barbara 9 Trails race, "the 35 miler that runs like a 50." With ~11,000 feet of climb and warm afternoon temps, that statement was accurate although I'd say it runs like a HARD 50. My finishing time of 8:42 (!!) was 45 minutes slower than JFK the previous weekend! Of course, that -- having just run JFK -- played into SB's difficulty for me. The scenery was beautiful, however, and I enjoyed running many miles with Diana, Gretchen, and Juliet. Here I am, happy to be finished, thinking "damn, that took a lot longer than expected!"

Giggling with buddy Diana at the finish line. She flew out here from PA to run 9 Trails and stayed with us for the weekend. Even Diana thought it was difficult, and SHE completed Hardrock this year. (I think she got her money's worth -- heehee.)
Gibraltor aid station angel and masseuse Deb working on my back at mile 26. It was hard to leave! (This and next photo courtesy of Deb.)

Trying to keep up with fluids and electrolytes, only marginally successful.

Big thank you to RD Luis Escobar and his crew. They even had miso/seaweed/tofu soup and New Belgium brew at the finish line -- yum! Results


Jamie Anderson said...

Great JOB, especially considering the minimal REST in between RACES.

Olga said...

Yum for miso soup! Sue, what an awesome run, I am so bummed out I couldn't come...we should try and see where our schedules will align for next year! Congrats on 2 great races, I am looking forward to 2008 and attending more of those myself!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a tough race Sue. Diana really looks wiped out in that picture. I've really got to find a way to get out to Cali one of these days. I've been thinking about Angels Crest 100 a lot but I have next year already filled up so it'll probably be 09' or 10' before that happens. Hope you have a great Christmas and take care


RunSueRun said...

David, you would love the AC course. Come out and run it -- I'll crew! :)