Tuesday, January 15, 2008


...by the lovely weather. After the rain and snow last weekend--that was winter!--we've had a string of absolutely spectacular weather here in Ventura County the past week, with bright sun and temps in the 60s and 70s every day. Although this is my second winter here, spending it in a Mediterranean climate and running in shorts year round is still such a treat for me after living in Vermont so many years. Vermont is a great place to be from May to October (and still the coolest state in the country politically and socially, IMO), and while I love playing in the snow, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, it was the day-to-day layering of clothing, cleaning off the car, shoveling out the mailbox and walkways, getting stuck in the driveway, managing my Raynaud's-afflicted hands, paying the oil bill, etc., all the while under a somber, gray sky that really used to wear on me. Compare this forecast with this one. I rest my case. :)

Hopefully with a little more rain the vegetation will look like this in a month or so. (Photo of Serrano Valley & "Buttcrack Rock" in Pt. Mugu SP, where I run a bunch, with the ocean in background.)
While the weather is fabulous and I'd rather be outside, we decided to join the YMCA recently for a few reasons: I sorely missed doing structured yoga, my upper body is pitifully weak, and Chris likes to swim. Throw in spinning--now apparently called "Cycle Reebok"--classes for a change of pace, and no initiation fee, and we were an easy sell. After four sessions--that is, spinning class, weight work, and yoga on M-W-F (3.5 hours total!)--I can already notice an effect. Basically I wake up in spinning class. It is held at 6 a.m. and I am NOT a morning person! The instructor is about my age and has a penchant for 80s rock, the tunes I used to party to in another life--happy memories those are! It's a great "cardio" (gym lingo) workout, and I sweat like crazy. Then it's off to the weight room, where senior citizens humble me (I really am pathetic). Finally, my favorite, the reward--YOGA. I love it. My goal is, when we're in town, to keep up this routine until departing for Alaska in mid May. More on that later...


Jamie Anderson said...

Beautiful picture. It would seem Bilbo Baggins could make an appearance any second. Great about the Y, good cross training!

Anonymous said...

yeah sue i miss me some santa barbara sometimes since i have that dang raynaud's too!!

Steve Pero said...


As you can surely imagine, I am jealous....and miserable. We have had about 5 feet of snow so far this winter, temps have been below freezing most of the time and this weekend we were supposed to be going to Va to train on dirt (our trails are hopelessly gone for the next few months), but another storm is coming, which will keep us home again! This is the 2nd time we have been kept home due to a snowstorm.
Life in New Mexico was so much better and i grumble to Deb everyday about the move back here. I am too old for this s**t!
If you ever, ever get an inkling of wanting to come back to New England, read this comment over and over.

OK, back to you now that I've vented....what happened to ripples???? ;-)

Your frozen bud,

Unknown said...

okay, okay, just RUB IT IN!!!!
It's supposed to be zero degrees on Sunday, and yet more snow.
But don't worry about us, we'll be fine, just fine! :-)

Olga said...

Lovely picture! We've been spoiled with the sun the last few days too:)
I go to the gym (or rather used to) for same reasons - change of pace, some patting on a back and structure. Can't bring myself to do these things at home! Already getting weaker in upper body in a week of no gym...need a savior!

RunSueRun said...

Deb & Steve,

Here's a new workout you could try, Tucker too:



Anonymous said...

I'm jealeous Sue. Winter has finally hit Kansas for the first time in about 10 years. Temps have been in the 20's to 30's (I know not Vermont winter. But Hey!) and the snow has been more plentiful then in years past. I hate layering and shoveling too.

Doug McKeever said...

Sue, nice post, but how's the weather today? (Jan. 24) I see that you are practically drowning in SoCal this week! And you know me. I'm in the minority in that I'd take the snow and cold any day ove r-r-r-rain like we get here in Puget Sound. Talk to fellow sufferer Stephanie E. about that Raynaud's syndrome, and take plenty of chemical handwarmers for Denali....you'll need 'em, along with your warmest mitts and glove liners.)

RunSueRun said...

Doug, weather's great -- I'm in Phoenix! :p Rain is forecasted here as well, though I've yet to see a drop. I'll be bringing plennnnty of hand warmers w/me!