Friday, May 2, 2008


I joined Chris on a two-day business gig in Seattle and was able to get my last few things for Denali, checking out Second Ascent (drool, drool...), Feathered Friends, cracking up the sales clerk by asking where the 75% off corner was, and of course THE Seattle REI store.

I picked up a "Fair Share" mug w/screw on lid (don't think Ziplock bowls are sturdy enough for AK), a pair each of heavy duty gloves and mits (since the ~20 pair I already have at home are just not enough; what can I say - I have Raynauds), some chemical hand warmers (what can I say - I have Raynauds), a groovy red-and-black leopard print (think Dirty Girl gaiters) Beko nose guard, and the best deal of all - a great deal on a very slightly used Feathered Friends Volant Jacket at Second Ascent. It has the Event shell and provides pretty impressive instant warmth. Ooooh! Perhaps best of all, it's made here in the USA! How often do you see that anymore?

Getting all of the stuff into my pack will be interesting...


Bruce Grant said...

Sue - why no photo accompanying the post of you modelling the nose guard?


RunSueRun said...

Hi Bruce!

I'm waiting until there's a nice white backdrop.


Doug McKeever said...

If you are like most Denali-ites, you will have a burned nose and chapped lips for three weeks, so good idea on the nose guard! And what a score you made on the parka (I hope you got the hood too! Was it in the "75% off" pile???)