Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Joe-Zee

(No,that's not Kansas. It's J.D. Grant Park, near San Jose.)

Chris had a business trip in SJ this week, and we flew up on Saturday in order to visit friends Ann and Wayne. Ann has a most *amazing* wine cellar, and along with Lisa and John, we imbibed in a couple of California chardonnays, three French bourgognes--1979, 1982, and 1986 vintages!--and two sweet dessert wines, sorry I can't be more specific. If that wasn't enough, Ann served a scrumptious five-course dinner as well! Had to have some food to go with all that wine!
On Sunday I was feeling completely and totally unmotivated to run or exert myself in any way after so much wine the night before, so we DROVE up Mt. Diablo (trying to avoid all the road bikers) and walked the nature trail loop around the summit. Hah! I did pick up a map so will be ready to hit the trails next visit, many miles there!
I love visiting the Bay Area with its abundance of trails and open-space parks. One of my favorites so far is J.D. Grant. Only 20 minutes east of the city, up the narrow and winding Mt. Hamilton Road, this park has been almost deserted every time I've been there. Except for the sound of airplanes, it is also a very quiet place and one with lots of wildlife. In a 15-mile run, I saw a coyote, lots of birds of prey, a bunch of wild pigs, a deer, and about 3 trillion comical ground squirrels. :)
Tuesday I got in about 14 miles and 4000 ft. of vertical on and around Mission Peak, always a good climb and workout, and on Wednesday a quick 8 miler on the New Almaden Trail (reminiscent of the Wildwood Trail in Portland in the way it weaved in and out of the terrain's curves) in Almaden Quicksilver Park, new terrain for me. Tuesday night we had dinner and more good wine with our friends the uber-cool Zombies and got to see their awesome new *retail store* in Palo Alto (opening later this summer). We wish them continued success!!
Flew back to Santa Barbara Wednesday night (SO much more of an enjoyable airport than nasty LAX!), with a spectacular full moon over the ocean to enjoy on the drive home on PCH. :) Home for a few days, then over to the Right Coast early next week...


Billy said...

Vermonster my friend,

It sounds like you are living the good life. You flat deserve it. Run the PCT in '09????? Man, you would kill me so bad. I might hang for a day or 2, but, shit, I could probably be talked into it. Keep dreaming big, girl. I love it.

Peace and love....Billy

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

so you coming out to Hardrock in a few weeks??? I am now 4th on the waitlist...and starting to feel optimistic finally. with 19.9k elevation acclimation running in the san juans would feel easy! What about the fall? Coming out for Grindstone?

Anonymous said...

you IMBIBED wine? Isn't that a high class way of saying you drank it just like everyone else? :-D


RunSueRun said...

Well, I was going to say "guzzle" but couldn't remember if it had one or two Zs.


RunSueRun said...

Loomdog, no Hardly Walk this year; some other fun stuff came up on the schedule. :p

Good luck out there!!

Bill said...


Enjoyed the write up about Denali. You'll be missed at Hardrock. Safe travels and adventures. Guzzle guzzle with pinky finger in the air:-}

Olga said...

You are an adventerous traveler, Sue! Way to live life! If you do PCT, I'll help out in NoOR, loved doing it with Horty:) Come to HR, I'll be in Silverton July 4-13!