Saturday, May 23, 2009

Born to Run

A couple of weeks ago in Denver we checked out a reading/author's signing of ChristopherMcDougall's recently published Born to Run. After a brief but entertaining discussion, we dutifully grabbed a copy (nice cover photo by Luis Escobar!) and stood in line for autographing. As the wait approached 15, then 20 minutes, our impatience invited bagging the whole signing thing--and the book--until... Whoa! What do we have here on page 137? Why, the author mentions Chris's legendary Coyote Fourplay!! Cool. Of course, legends aren't necessarily totally factual: to Chris's knowledge, no one ever replaced a ProBar with frozen cat food. :)

I had a couple of other books to finish first so am only on Chapter 4 but look forward to delving into this baby. After its first week, Born to Run was 31 on the NY Times Bestseller List, and this week it's 24. Will this book do for ultrarunning then again what Dean Karnazes's book did?


Leslie said...

Damn, Sue! You just keep squeezing the adventures in. Nice work at Bishop, too stinkin' hot for this mountain girl. I practically melted this weekend at WS Camp and had to dive into the American River a few times just to chill. Christopher McDougall came to camp to speak, I had no idea the book was selling so well outside of the ultra community. He was a compelling speaker fer sures and offered up some neat theories.

What's the next adventure??

RunSueRun said...

Thanks Sunshine Girl! Stay tuned. :p Born To Run is #15 this week!!

Steve Pero said...

Hi Sue....

I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think of this book, it's the next one I plan on reading.

Congrats on LH!

House is on the market and if it sells, we'll be back in NM and plan on coming to the Howl like a Coyote New Year's run (or whatever it's called). I'm pacing at Vermont, then I hope my last run in NE is MMD. We are also running the Bear this year.

Miss you!