Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coyote Two Moon training run

On Sunday, six of us ran the 18+ mile Lion Canyon - Topa Topa - Chip Seal loop on the C2M course...  in a bit of SNOW!   We began by running all the way up Lion Canyon from Rose Valley.   Wild Bill has tagged me to run the C2M 100 miler (help), and I have challenged myself to a little goal of running UP all the side trails to the Ridge Road in training.  (Of course, I use the word "run" in the ultraunner's sense of the word, and rest breaks are allowed... but no walking!)   I am now three trails down (the easy ones--Lion Canyon, Howard Creek, Gridley), with four to go (Horn Canyon, Sisar/White Ledge, Chip Seal, Pratt).  During C2M I will most likely run up none of these trails; it's just a fun little goal to have set for myself. 
In Southern California the presence of snow doesn't necessarily require the covering of one's legs (yesss!) although it was a bit chilly if we stopped for very long.  These beautiful grasses on Topa Topa were frozen stiff.  A highlight of the day was coming across fresh bear tracks on the LCT!
Seven miles on the Ridge Road...  Topa as backdrop...  then a knee & quad pounder down Chip Seal.  A nice run with great company.  :)
(All photos by H'ard.)


Olga said...

I was in a snow today also!!! Isn't it awesome? Loving it:)

Bruce Grant said...

hey, no fair you being able to train on the course! yer gonna kick my ass! again! well, we're under snow now too up here, so at least we're on equal footing there (ha).

it will be fun times again in March, I'm looking forward to getting down there to hang with y'all again, eh?

btw - congrats to your snookiebumblecups for his 100-mile week, that's awesome. Oh, and for you too ;-)

smooches to you both...

Jamie Anderson said...

Wow, thus pics are stunning! I love the white of the snow contrasted with the green and yellow shrubs and plants. Great training plan there, Sue! Kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice pictures Sue. Hey did you get my e-mail about Trans Rockies 2011? If I don't here from you before Christmas then I hope you have a good one


Aliza Lapierre said...

Love the photos, it always amazes me how different things are when you compare the east and west coast.

Can't wait to get out there and try some of those trails myself.

Happy Holidays,