Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missoula Top Ten

Our time in Missoula is coming to a close.  Winter is not our preferred season to be here, but we made the best of it.  And anyplace is fun with Chris.  :)   Here is my Top 10 list:
  1. The Missoula YMCA - It is a large facility, complete with pool, dozens of treadmills and ellipticals, and an extensive group fitness/yoga schedule.  Each of the yoga classes I did was very good.  Thanks to Colleen, Missy, Carmen, and Youngee! 
  2. The Good Food Store - Locally owned.  Awesome bulk food section, produce, and deli.
  3. Big Sky Brewery - Makers of popular Moose Drool Brown ale.  Free tastings in their taproom!  For those of us who like their beer dark and substantial, the Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout and, especially, the Cowboy Coffee Porter were very good.  I am no beer expert; I just know what I like.
  4. Kettle House Brewing - Smaller but with no less tasty offerings.  We tried all the darker ones, with Slow Ride Stout being my fave.  The Bongwater Hemp Porter was good, too, but I couldn't stop imagining that it was really made out of bongwater.  Ick.
  5. Trailhead outdoor gear store - 'Cuz they had skinny ski rentals; I spent a nice morning skiing the groomed Pattee Canyon trails.
  6. The dogs - Missoulians seem to have a healthy, laid-back attitude toward dogs.  Most of the dogs we encountered on the trails were well behaved, happy, and seemingly well socialized.  Each trailhead had doggie bags and leashes available to borrow.
  7. Doublefront Cafe - Fried chicken in the Rockies?  Yep.  It was darn good.  So were the onion rings.
  8. City of Missoula Parks and Recreation - They put out a wonderful map of parks, open space, and trails.  It would be great if more cities did this.
  9. North Hills Trails - Other than the extensive multi-use paths, the North Hills Trails seem to be the first to melt out.  Yippee, we actually got to run a bit on dirt singletrack.
  10. Black Cat Bakery - Sticky buns to die for.......................!
We will be back in Missoula in another couple of months, when most of the snow should be gone in the lower elevations so hopefully will get more trail time in then.  We are looking forward to getting back home to the land of dry trails and bare limbs tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Brrr...mont to Brrr...soula

Aaah...  Four glorious days of sun, warmth and bare-legged and armed trail time at home in California.  Got in 30 wonderful miles on the PMSP trails before filling my luggage with tights (boo), jackets (boo), hats, mittens, woolies (boo, boo, and boo).  We are now in Missoula, Montana, where Chris is working for the next 2 weeks.  A foot of new snow fell within 24 hours of our arrival; then temps took a nosedive with subzero windchills.  Last night we attempted to run a few miles on one of the bike paths:  We made it exactly 10 steps into the blustery gale before doing an about-face back to our Subaru rental's heated seats, opting for the elliptical machines at the YMCA instead.  Hah!  Call us wimps, but we did notice that we were not the only ones there...

I do not mean to diss Missoula.  There seem to be some good eateries and breweries in town, and the landscape is lovely.  It would just be more enjoyable during the summer months.  However, the sun is shining brightly today, so we will try for another run this afternoon.

Today I created a page dedicated to my ongoing 50 Project.  For those who are interested, click on the link under the Coyote Two Moon logo.

Stay warm!