Monday, October 17, 2011

Cajun Coyote Ultras

We had so much fun in the Louisiana swamplands last December that we're going back for a second running of the Cajun Coyote Ultras.  This year's events will take place over the December 3-4 weekend at Chicot State Park in Ville Platte.  New this year is the 100 miler (check out that belt buckle, eh?!) as well as the 100 km. and 20 mile distances.  Much more info on the website.

The course is a slightly rolling loop of 20 miles, almost entirely singletrack, around Lake Chicot.  Think Rocky Racoon but perhaps a little bit slower...  to say, if your only 100 mile experience is that of tougher events, you could definitely PR here.  And the course is beautiful to boot.  No 'gators were spotted last year, but at night you will see and hear lots of armadillos.  Including the start/finish area, there are four aid stations staffed by the usual Coyote Crazies offering up the usual - and, uh, not so usual - fare.  (I'm going to politick for fresh cracklins.)   Entry also gets the runner a spiff Patagonia Cap 2 long-sleeve zip in a choice of colors.  Click on the "melange" tab on the website.

My original plan was to work this year's event, but now I'm reconsidering...  that buckle is looking mighty tempting!

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