Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coyote Craziness

Our fearless leader
Grey whale !!

Santa Cruz Island miles
"Let's wear the same thing, Bill."
We ate well.

More miles in the sun, then back to the Mainland

Backbone Trail - end of Day 1

Figuring out where the flock the trail goes... (I have an idea:  directional signs might help.)

We are done Backbonin'

Bowling time (yes, they are on the paleo diet)

Time for lots (and lots and lots) of miles on Nordoff Ridge

Coming and going...

Firewood patrol
Gorgeous sunsets x 2

Stunning, really

Decked out in Denali gear for the chill of 6000 feet

Happy to be done

9 days... lots of miles... happy faces... success


Unknown said...

Cheers from one of the very happy faces. Thanks for making it possible for us to come back and run miles and miles on the Nordhoff ridge to finish what we started last year! You must have had a long cold night on Topa with very infrequent visitors.

Jamie Anderson said...

Awesome pictures, Sue! Looks like a grand time. Hope you're doing well!

Olga said...

Oh, man, that would end any blah, even by looking at it, yet along participating!