Sunday, October 30, 2016


Other miles/elevation in [ ].  

1.  Carrigain, Willey, Field, Tom - 18.5 miles, 6750 ft.
2.  Moosilauke, North Hancock, South Hancock - 19 miles, 5400 ft.
4.  Cabot, Wildcat D, Wildcat A, Carter Dome, South Carter, Middle Carter, Moriah - 27.1 miles, 9900 ft.
5.  Jackson, Pierce, Eisenhower, Monroe, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison - 22 miles, 8400 ft.
7.  Owls Head, Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, Flume - 28.5 miles, 8300 ft.
8.  Waumbek - 5.5 miles, 2200 ft.
9.  East Osceola, Osceola, North Kinsman, South Kinsman - 17.6 miles, 7020 ft.
10.  Isolation - 12.5 miles, 3400 ft.
13-23.  [Trip to New Mexico - Pajarito, Lake, Penitente, Santa Fe Baldy Peaks, Chaco Canyon - 55.2 miles, 9900 ft.]
24.  Cannon - 3.5 miles, 2200 ft.
25.  North Tripyramid, Middle Tripyramid, Whiteface, Passaconaway - 17.1 miles, 5200 ft. report
26.  Hale, Zealand, West Bond, Bond, Bondcliff - 21.9 miles, 5650 ft. report
27.  Galehead, South Twin, North Twin - 12.1 miles, 3950 ft. report
30.  Tecumseh - 5 miles, 2200 ft.

210.3 miles, 70,570 ft.
[55.2 miles, 9900 ft.]

Osseo Trail "downlook"

Bandelier National Monument... barefoot!

Chaco Canyon - just WOW


Chris's relatives in Roswell, NM


JimC said...

Almost there.
NOV/DEC are challenging and I wish you good fortune.
Quite an achievement!

Doug McKeever said...

Hi Sue!
Sorry I've been out of touch for quite a while. I was just checking up to see what you'very been up to "lately," like the "past few years" lately! You are are out adventuring I see!
Check in with me next time you might be thinking of swinging out my way. Maybe for White River 50 in July, or to climb Little Tahoma in June ( westher dependent of course).

"Hello" to Chris.


MTNRUNR said...

Great to see you yesterday! Good Luck on your latest Adventure! If you get stuck n I could help out by dropping you at a TH, spottin a car, shuttle, etc let me know, my email Bigger coincidence than meeting you was meeting the Pero's on Mt Elbert :) Small world!

RunSueRun said...

Jim, thanks so much! It has been, and continues to be, a lot of fun.

Doug, my Rainier mountain guide, how wonderful to hear from you! Not running organized ultras anymore, but might be talked into a bootleg adventure or climbing one of your beautiful mountains!

Fred, awesome to see you as well. "What are you doing on such a boring hike?" Haha! Coincidence indeed. Thank you for your offer to help. :)