Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Arizona's high point

I've been working on climbing the high points of all 50 states for a couple of years now and am up to 36. After two days of rest post Zane Grey, we did Arizona's Humphrey's Peak (12,633 ft.) yesterday via the shortest route from the ski area, a climb of about 3,200 ft. and just under 10 miles round trip. Less than a mile up the trail, we encountered the first patch of rotten, hardpacked snow, and for about a third of the hike were walking on the stuff. (But Montrail Highlander's nubs were nice and grippy!) Reminded me of spring hiking in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Once atop the ridge, it was another mile or so to the summit of Humphrey's. Supposedly on a clear day, one can see the Grand Canyon, about 75 miles away, from the top, but for us it was not to be. While the sky threatened with ominous-looking clouds all morning, precipitation held off until we'd started down. Mostly it was just flurries, but during a heavier squall at one point, we could no longer see Fremont Peak across the basin. Hard to believe that just three days ago on the Highline Trail temps were in the 90s!

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bruno said...

i think humphrey's is the westernmost of the four sacred peaks of the navajo. i should check this though. highpointin'!!