Friday, May 11, 2007

Grey whales!

While driving down PCH to run in the Santa Monica Mountains this morning, my peripheral vision caught some movement in the water as three California grey whales skimmed the surface and made little "leaps" above the water. (Okay, I confess: they didn't actually soar out of the water like the whale in the above photo, but I COULD make out the greyish-white spots on their skin.) It was a pretty cool sight for this near life-long Vermonter. What a treat. :) While running up and down the Ray Miller Trail I intermittently scanned the water for these magestic beasts to no avail. It was a good run anyway.


Jamie said...

Sweet! I'm jealous. Sounds like a whale of a good time. (sorry)

bruno said...

hey! i just discovered your site here. cool!... anyway, if'n ya really wanna see some whales go up to isla vista (where ucsb is). i went to school there (mostly surfed actually, not much school) and the islands are real close to shore and the whales swim real real close to the cliffs in isla vista. lot's o' eyecandy up there too if'n you're innersted!

and the grand canyon run? damn girl! yer livin' da dream!!

Alpal said...