Wednesday, March 26, 2008

C2M preliminary results & some photo links

These three photos were taken by Glenn Tachiyama (link to more of his super shots below):

Pat Devita, my heroine! She rocks. :-)

Karl Meltzer running up the Chip-Seal Road out of Rose Valley. "Bookends" (first and last of both genders in both distances) were supposed to wear their C2M beanie hats.

Betsy Nye, fastest woman in the 100 miler, happy on the Chip-Seal descent.

Preliminary results are up at the Zombie's site . These are actual times all the runners ran. There will also be a separate list of bonus/boner-adjusted results!!

More photos are up,
Stan Jensen's which are mostly of the start/finish, and H'ard Cohen's. This link is for the main event, but note also two separate files for pre-event activities.

Glenn Tachiyama has some awesome shots taken on the road out of Rose Valley and on the ridge!

For a runner's perspective, 100-Mile finisher Jakob Herrmann has some great shots with thoughtful narrative. He also has one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. :) Be sure to check out the video of the talking Topa head on page 6.

I found a very well written C2M report by "Chrrrris" here and photos here.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the race went off without a hitch. Looks like a fun but tough one.3 Days was a complete contrast from last year for me. A leg injury and a deep field did me in. I bagged it early on in the 50 mile. Then just ran real easy with my wife on the third day. Still I had a blast and am definately going back. Whats up next for you?

Sue said...

3 Days of Syllamo is one of my favorite events, and I was sad to miss it this year. The Kirks are the best! Sorry about the leg but glad you had fun anyway.

Next big event for me is an attempt at a certain Alaskan peak. (O_O) More on that later...

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to come out and give C2M a shot but first I want to get AC100 out of the way. Good luck in Alaska. Take care.

Jakob Herrmann said...

Please also find another 100 mile race report at: