Monday, March 24, 2008

A few C2M photos

Roch, Betsy and the moths liked the "cheese dip."

Our Gridley Top aid station sign, staffed by a bunch of middle-aged 8th graders.

Derrick Carr, en route to a spectacular 24:50 fourth place time. For those who care about such trivia, it was agreed all around by those who ran it that the C2M course is noticeably harder than Wasatch and Massanutten.

Cheese kay-sa-dee-yas, Vienna sausages, jelly beans and Peeps -- YUM-O!

Little Mooner Guy and Nick the Brit... who fully embraced the Coyote spirit!

Zombie Runner Gillian, AKA "Really Brave Chick," for partaking of some of our more questionable aid station fare: silkworm pupa on a Saltine.

A fearless runner heading down Gridley.

Jack Fierstadt, 100K finisher, along with aid station workers Barb and Rick "Mississippi Mud" Miller.

Craig Heinselman has more photos posted
here. (Click on C2M 2008.) There'll be a lot more coming.

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