Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Dakotas

My sweetie 'n me in Custer State Park, near the South Dakota high point, Harney Peak:
Amidst the din of Harleys in the Black Hills of SD--and hundreds of miles in all directions--we found a peaceful oasis at which to camp for the night.
Did I mention it was Sturgis Bike Week? We are not motorcycle people but just HAD to spend a few hours checking out the scene and had a great time. Some beautiful pieces of artwork there.
Needless to say, quite interesting people, too. This dude has "HARD" tattooed on his right hand. I made sure I asked permission before photographing him. :p
We headed north into the other Dakota so I could climb my 48th high point, White Butte, located in a geologically interesting, very sparsely populated area. The ~3 mile hike was pretty cool, but en route we passed two deserted farmhouses, which I always find sad.
Who lived here? Did the isolation finally get to these folks? The wind and weather? Large-scale farming? The stories that could be told if only the walls could talk...

Before heading to Montana, we did a quick drive-thru of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Yes, there is a national park in North Dakota! The best coffee of the entire trip, "Cowboy Kicker," was discovered at a coffee shop in Medora. Who knew?

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