Monday, July 16, 2007

The next trip

...will be to the Sierras and the John Muir Trail!! Ohboyohboyohboy!! The JMT stretches over 200 miles from Mt. Whitney, highest point in the lower 48, to Yosemite Valley, along the way climbing 10 high-altitude passes. There are no road crossings. I've been wanting to hike the JMT since... well, forever it seems, and finally it's going to happen. First, though, theTahoe Rim 100 is this weekend; honestly, however, it's the Sierras and fastpacking a long trail again that I'm *really* looking forward to.

In preparation for the rest of the summer, this week has been one of catching up on mail, errands, unpacking, laundry, repacking, and, least fun of all, treating Fillmore the cat for fleas and tapeworms (ick!)--he had a new nickname, "Fleamore" (hah!) until he was weighed at the vet's office. Now he's "Porker" because he's increased from 12 to an impressive 16 lbs. in 7 months. At this rate, he'll be Guinness material in a year and a half or so.

This morning I ran the La Jolla-Ray loop and encountered a 4-point buck whose antlers were shedding their velvet. He looked straight at me with the red-tinged velvet hanging so long and scraggly off the bottoms of his antlers that they looked like dreadlocks. Really cool to see!


I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Good luck this weekend bud! And know I am green with envy of the JMT trip. Should be amazing....take lots of photos.


Olga said...

Yeah, how come we're talking Sierra when you are on the list for TRT? Have tons of great time, Sue!!!
As for HR - I hit "refresh" about 100 times for sure, even called home from the run when Scott had last hour to finish:) I am definitely applying for the lottery and lets see what the faight has in store for me.
Best at TRT100, go knock it off!

Jamie Anderson said...

Kick butt at TRT!!!! But I know you will. Cool about the buck, but I have to one-up you a little as I saw a bear during my run yesterday, less than a mile from house also! ;-) Looking forward to the race report, and JMT trip report. Glad you're having so much fun out there!