Monday, September 24, 2007

40 down, 10 to go

Woo hoo -- I "climbed" the Florida high point! At 345 ft. above sea level, I direct you to this link as I'm rather at a loss for words WRT the lowest HP in the country. Like many US high points, the "hike" involved stepping out of the car and walking a few feet to the monument. However, the drive from northern Louisiana (long story) and back was a grueling one. Lucky for us, a stop at the general store in Hot Coffee, Mississippi, provided an entertaining break during the long return trip. Alas, there was no coffee to be found (nor beer -- it's a dry county); however, they did have pickled pig lips... yes, for human consumption. (O_O) Yikes.


Doug McKeever said...

Sue, why am I not surprised that you stopped at a hamlet called Hot Coffee?
That Florida HP won't get you ready for Denali, but there's time for that later, once you learn to enjoy COLD again (the latent Vermonter still in you will come in handy later).

Jamie Anderson said...

That's awesome! Only 10 left! Glad you didn't save Florida for last.

edmunds said...

you go, girl!!

Steve Pero said...

Ha! You sure have become the nation (vs world) traveler!

Congrats on the arduous climb!