Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A few photos

Some favorite shots of the summer:

(Above) Crimson columbine near Mt. Conness

and a Leichtlin's mariposa lily.

Always puts a smile on my face to see marmots. :)

Pack trains -- love 'em or hate 'em, a fact of life in the Sierras. This one was near Evolution Lake.

I'm always finding things in the mountains and bringing them home. On this particular day, I found a full-length Thermarest! After carrying it 5 miles, I dropped it off at the LeConte Ranger Station. It was heavy! (People actually CARRY these things??)
I can't remember the name of this lake or mountain, but scenes like this one are an everyday occurrence on the John Muir Trail.

My favorite trail drink!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....that marmot is cute! I want to cuddle him! -Mary:-) your fav sister.

Olga said...

Sue, this was some great report on an awesome adventure and amazing performance!!! Congratulation to you on a new CR, and to Mike Popov to unsupported - I rarely hear from him since our SD100 in 2005 (Mike, kak dela, ne poteryal moi adres?). Sue, you're rockin', girl, I am still waiting on our meet up!

Steve Pero said...

Nice pics, Sue! I miss the West!

Must be nice to be done....

Steve and Deb :-)

Anonymous said...

Sue thanks for the great pics. I'm orginizing a run from Devil's post Pile to Tuoulumme Meadows on the JMT. Do you know about how far that was and how mych water there was to find up there. Planning on 9/30 if your intersted in joining us.

RunSueRun said...

According to Wenk's book, it's about 34 miles. Water/lakes are plentiful in this stretch although a few of the smaller lakes had dried up.

Thanks for the invite - wish I could join you. Hope you have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

Sue, great picture with the mirror image of the mountains in the lake. This mountain is Mount Goode as seen from the Bishop pass trail. I have seen this view many times and I always stop for a shot. Here is my shot:

RunSueRun said...

H'ard! Thanks for identifying the photo. So, just to clarify, it was not taken on the JMT but rather by Chris on his approach to meet me at LeConte Canyon on JMT #1... which means... I haven't actually seen that view in person! (Bishop Ballbuster in '08 perhaps??)

skenazy said...

Hi Sue,
I'm a freelance writer based in Santa Cruz trying to track down and talk to those involved in JMT record setting. Is there an email address or phone number where I could contact you at?