Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My very talented friend, Deb Pero of New Hampshire, has a new website displaying her artwork. To demonstrate how talented and give a taste of her work, I've posted two of my favorites above. Be sure to check out the Portfolio of Works, especially the Colorado landscapes (that is, Hardrock 100 scenes), landscapes, and a painting a day. Oh, dang it--just click on all of them! You might just see a work from a recent race. She's also just started a blog. Deb is one of THE most mentally tough people I know and an all around super person.

In other news... While on a run in Pt. Mugu late this afternoon, my ears detected the unmistakable sound of spring peepers. On January 29!! What the...?? This phenomena usually occurs no earlier than mid-April where I used to live in Vermont. It is a lovely sound, one announcing the arrival of spring, the mating season, the rebirth after the long frozen winter! It was pretty cool to hear the peepers in January. :)


Jamie Anderson said...

Man, she's good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue, Just like last year though I have no expectations. Well maybe a few but thats only because I have a bullseye on my back this year. From the way it sounds Matt Hart and Ty Draney are in the team comp along with maybe Sean Meissner and Jeff Browning. I think Ashleys coming back too. Then theres myself, Paul Schoenlaub, Tom Brennan, and Darby Benson. All four of us have won ultras in the Ozarks before so its going to be a slobber knocker. I'll be happy to just make it back to the podium. Thanks for the positive vibes. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

peepers??? i'm arse deep in snow and you're hearing peepers?? man o man sign me and chickety up!! :-D