Saturday, August 29, 2009

Road trip: WY

The Honda Element is the balls for car camping: back seats removed, Big Agnes pads, double sleeping bag, everything in plastic tubs and outside at night, solar shower... I could live like this a long, long time! This photo was taken the first night, pulled off on a dirt road near Beaver (teehee!), Utah. SO happy to be in road trip mode! :)
After climbing Gannett Peak in Wyoming, we checked out the Bighorn Mtns. and Devil's Tower, arriving just in time for a whopper of a hail/lightning storm. This thing always reminds me of mashed potatoes for some reason. Hmm...While in Yellowstone, the navigator naively directed the driver to a parallelling, one-way scenic route. This was a mistake. A male bison (are they called bulls?) blocked the narrow road for over a half hour. We were near the front of the line. These sickos challenged us to challenge the beast, hoping for shots of a bison with a Honda grill in his horns. "NO GUTS, NO GLORY!" chanted the sickos. Alas, our vehicle was not a rental, so we stayed put until a crazy testosterone-poisoned Swiss national took charge of the situation.Some people just like living on the edge, no? This guy was nuts, but he was also successful in shooing the bison off the roadway.I had to use the facilities, but there was a line.

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