Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coyote Blue Moon

And now a word from the Two Moon Buffoon:

This coming New Year's Eve is a Blue Moon, which doesn't next occur on 12/31 until 2028!  As we home in on getting ready for our local Ojai version for Coyote Vets and their guests (three to four days of gnarly trail miles ending with a 50 miler and howling at the moon from the top of Topa Topa at midnight), and all the event goodies that will begin to accumulate in open space in the house as fast as dust under a bed, close on the heels of that madness will be all the preparation for our third Coyote Two Moon the weekend of March 5-7.

We've had fun collecting unique geegaws and coyote theme do-dads - should I mention the treasures we find at local thrift stores? - for both events, to say nothing of the truly bizarre crap that lends heft to each runner's goodie bag and evokes quizzical eyes of wonderment unparalleled in ultrarunning goodie bagdom.  Ya kinda hafta get one of your own to appreciate the claim...

If your own running calendar has become just a tad bit ho-hum'ish, time to up the entertainment ante and come join the zaniness, to say nothing of the challenging miles, that only a Coyote event can generate.  If not for yourself, then for your spouse/partner/kids/pet iguana -- they're tired of hearing your boring stories of "normal" ultras anyway...  We ain't normal 'round these parts!!

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