Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year-End Review

(New Year's Eve 2010, Photo by K. Moehl)

Admittedly a few days late with this, but with the hoopla of Coyote Blue Moon, my birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary all occurring within a 9-day window, a few spare moments for contemplation have been harder to come by lately.  While running CBM the other day/night, I did have some time to reflect on all the adventures of the past year.  It seems to be in vogue to formulate these types of lists at year's end, so here are my own highlights for the year:

January:  Completed the 223-mile Ouachita Trail in Oklahoma & Arkansas w/Chris (crewing).
March:  Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim w/C.
April:  Leona Divide 50m.  Got choked up watching C finish his first 50 miler in a long, long time, w/his atrial fib. finally under control.
May:  Discovered the fantastic trail network of Fruita, Colorado.  Bishop High Sierra 100k -- I ran, C did an aid station
June:  Completed the 252-mile Tuscarora Trail in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, & Pennsylvania in 5 days w/C.  Laurel Highlands 70m. - enjoyed the GREEN!
July:  Sierra trip -- climbed Whitney, Muir, Langley, & White Mtn.  Ran 51-mile Yosemite High Sierra Camp loop.
August:  Month-long road trip to Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, & Colorado w/C.  Climbed high points Gannett, Granite, Harney Peak, & White Butte, also 14ers Castle, Conundrum, Capitol, Pyramid, Maroon Bells, & Kit Carson.
September:  Hiked the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites & spent almost 3 weeks in Italy w/C.

October:  Ran Howloween 50k in Ojai
November:  Chris & I stood atop my final highpoint, Mauna Kea on the Big Island, climbed Mauna Loa.  Trip to Vermont & New Hampshire -- climbed ten 4000 footers and ran some favorite back roads.
December:  Ran Coyote Blue Moon on a gorgeous day/night to ring in the New Year!

Whew.  There is a lot of traveling there, but then, we seem to have a rather insatiable wanderlust and live by the philosophy that "home" is wherever we're warm, dry, and fed.  What surprised me was when I sat down and added up the yearly mileage--and yoga classes--in my (pathetic excuse for a) training log:  2669 miles for the year, mostly trail, and 73 yoga classes (along with 27 books read!).  Huh.  And I'd thought I was slacking.  Funny thing is that this is the first year I've actually added up my miles, so I really don't know how this compares to previous years.

Less "documented" but no less tangible is the fact that 2009 was one of the happiest years of my life.  I don't take that for granted for a second.   :-)

Now to work on the 2010 plans...


Bryon Powell said...

It sounds like you had an amazing 2009. I hope 2010 is even better!

Be sure to let me know if you make it up to Yosemite for some running.

Olga said...

Oh, my God, Sue. When you post occasionally, it doesn't come out as grand as when you just did a total year-end recap. What a life! I am thrilled to hear it was your happiest year - what means the next one will probably top it off, and then the following. I believe people who say "I've had my best back when..." will not have a good one likely, but those who keep enjoying every year as "best" keep getting those "bests"...or making them happen:)

SteveQ said...

Amazing year! Mine wasn't anything compared to yours, though I did manage my first two high points,my first trail 100 and I did read 30 books.

Steve Pero said...

Fantastic year, Sue....shared with a great fella (don't tell C I called him that)...

Hope 2010 brings you as much happiness and physical movement as last year dun brung! Also hopefully Deb and I will be joining you next year at some of them moon runs...

Seeya next weekend,

Anonymous said...

Whew!!! Lots of traveling indeed. Lots of adventures. You gonna come back to 3 Days? I'll be heading down again to shake off the rust from this winter. Then it's out to Fruita myself. Attempting a speed record on the Kokopelli Trail in May.
If you ever want to come back out and run some more of those trails. Would love to have extra pacers.
Found out from Adam Chase I'll be running for Salomon this year aswell. So it looks like we're finally teamates afterall. Hope you have a great 2010. Stay healthy and hope to see you around.

Alpal said...

Wow- you are an inspiration!

Alpal said...

Please add to your "Sites I like"

RunSueRun said...

Al, you are such a smart-A$$. But you know I get all my inspiration from you, buddy. :p

Everyone else - thanks! and David, I'll definitely consider the Kokopelli.

Leslie said...

Damn, honey. That's a good year!

SteveQ said...

One thing I've scheduled is a single-day fast-pack trip up King's Peak in Utah. Is that a terrible idea?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue. I'd love to have you and Chris out there as part of the crew. I'll keep ya posted. Shoot me your e-mail address at and I'll get with ya about the details. Then you can decide if your interested. Take Care.


RunSueRun said...

SteveQ, no not a terrible idea at all. I considered it myself, but... then decided on the 3-day plan instead. Definitely doable in a day, just get an early start!