Friday, September 10, 2010

Maine: Deer Isle & Acadia

Goofin' off in front of our weekend digs.  ;-)
Next up was a few days at our friends' home on a quiet little penninsula near Deer Isle, Maine.  They had the coolest guest quarters:  a circa early 1970s Airstream!  Since we were so close, we spent an all-too-short half day at Acadia National Park.  Chris had never been there before, and I insisted it was a must-see.  We did squeeze in the super-fun Precipice Trail, about the closest to a European via ferrata here in the USA.  Apparently we lucked out, with the trail being opened to hikers just a day or two before; it is closed much of the spring and summer due to the resident peregrine falcons.  (We even saw one from the road!)
We are definitely coming back here for more serious trail time.  Think I hear coyotes howling.  ;-)
An Acadia tradition is to have popovers at the Jordon Pond House.  They were served warm -- delectable!
A quick drive up to ANP's high point Cadillac Mountain, then back to Vermont...

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Jamie Anderson said...

Awesome! Glad you had an awesome New England adventure and sorry we missed each other again!