Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coyote Moab ?

Rumor has it there will be an accidental gathering of Coyotes in the Moab environs this week...  different trails for very different folks, nighttime play included (bowling!  full moon!).  A couple of rogue Coyotes were on a reconnaissance mission to the colorful La Sal Mountains this afternoon and managed to circumnavigate 11,642 ft. Haystack Mountain.
We were even entertained at one juncture by a large, waddling porcupine.  :)  Ironically, on yesterday's Porcupine Rim foray the porkie count was a big fat zero. 
More Facebook-style (I'm feeling rather ADHD) posts to follow in this blog entry as the week progresses...
10/20/10...  First ones on Slickrock Loop this morning:  Goofball on foot, me on bike, going about the same pace.  Last time I rode Slickrock was 17 years ago - yikes!  Good news is it felt easier this time.  What a freaking blast!!  Fell only once.  :)
Afternoon adventure in Hidden Valley.  Petroglyphs galore!
10/21/10...  Depending on whose gadget you believe, the Long Group did somewhere between 30 & 34 beautiful miles around Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park.

Some runnable trail (above)... and some not so runnable (below).
Post-run dinner 'n liquid refreshment at Eddie McStiff's.
10/22/10...  15 miles in the rain and SNOW in the LaSals -- quite a different scene than just 3 days prior.  We intended to go further but cut it short in order to avoid hypothermia and to save ourselves for tomorrow's run and tonight's bowling!  To give some idea of the "talent," the highest score of our entire crew is 138.  I bowl a 122.  :)
10/23/10...  The best day!  Sun came out for ~36 miles of Pritchett Canyon, Kane Creek Road, Hurrah Pass, and Amasa Back.  Tetsuro, Kathleen, Walter, Emily and I ran together all day and had fun bombing down Amasa Back, passing Jeeps and mountain bikers (ooh, they were not happy to be passed by runners!).  :)  Evening's entertainment--dinner, boat ride on the Colorado and light show--was a friggin' hoot.  Day ended with a visit to the Moab Brewery followed by a 2-mile moonlight hike of the Slickrock Practice Loop.   Ow-WOOOoooo...!  

10/24/10...  Final miles up Moab Rim Road, en route to Hidden Valley petroglyphs.  What a fun time with some awesome people in incredible surroundings!  Sad to say goodbye.  :(  Until next time...


Bruce Grant said...

Haystack mountain?
urg - that area is beautiful, I wanna come play too!
have fun....I know you will.

RunSueRun said...

Bruce -- You & Martha should be here and are missed!!

Jamie Anderson said...

Killer pics! I especially like that one of you amongst the birch trees. Looks like a really neat area.

Olga said...

Miss it, looks beautiful! Next year, Guadalupe mtns?

RunSueRun said...

Olga & Jamie - you both would've *loved* it. Wish you could've joined us. Next time?

Ewa said...

I just found your blog. Love it!
From your profile, I noticed you are from Uzbekistan? We visited there... gosh, 30 years ago. Has it been that long?
Anyway, I can't wait to read more of your adventures in Nature.

RunSueRun said...

oops... that's a bit of a joke.