Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seattle - 5/30 - 6/13

Tiger Mtn...  Cougar Mtn...  Dash Point.
Weyerhaeuser...  Chuckanut...  Deception Pass.
Anacortes...  Ebey's Bluff...  Mt. Si.
116 miles of twisty trail fun.
Hot yoga...  Y yoga...  Marlene's.
Pho King...  Pho Hung...  Fried Oysters.
Bald Eagles...  A Spotted Owl...  Wow!
Rain...  Drizzle...  Overcast...  
Then...  SUN...  then...  Mt. Rainier!
Home again and Coming  up for air.
But off again Lickity Split.


Leslie said...

Viva le PNW!!!

SteveQ said...

I've been looking for contact info for you, because I want your advice on a project I have in mind: climbing all the 2000 foot peaks in Minnesota. There are 29 and 13 have never been climbed... and I'm starting to see why. One has a 20 mile approach through downed trees, boulders and bog and I've already had a nightmare about it. I have a reputation for being unprepared, being ill-equipped, getting lost, falling and getting hurt; any of those could mean dying out there. I'm not even sure my car can make it to one trailhead!

So, my basic rules are: 1) Be prepared for the worst possible scenario. 2) Take no chances. 3) Get all the help possible.

What other rules should I adopt?

RunSueRun said...

Hey Steve,

With your "reputation," ;-) have you thought about taking along a SPOT unit? Or enlisting the company of another adventurous soul?

(I myself am low tech... one could even say NO tech save for a wristwatch. I like it that way.)

Your idea sounds totally cool to me, especially since it's never been done. Good luck!!

Sue (back from vaca)

SteveQ said...

Sue, I just did one of the "easier" peaks. One mile of bushwhacking took 4 hours. It was possible only because I used a Garmin and plugged in the lat. and long. where I was and where I was going, it's not like Colorado! You can't see more than a foot in front of you and it's all brambles and deer flies.

I doubt I'll attempt many more.