Monday, September 26, 2011

Vermont 50k in 10 Photos

Yesterday Chris and I "ran" the Vermont 50k entirely together.  We stopped in Bradford for lunch and coffee - and some impromptu cider pressing - on the drive down Saturday afternoon.  Chris is obviously amazed by cider technology.
For the first time ever in a "race," I toted the camera and filled a memory card.  Just enjoying the day, the miles, and the beautiful scenery was a joy.
We had lots of time to chat with the locals...

And hang out at aid stations.  This was Margaritaville, a blatant misnomer since there were no margaritas and no 'villes.  Boo!

They did have rum-rats though.
The race was huge this year, with something like 700 mtn. bikers and 550 runners!  The course is a mix of dirt road and trail.  Early on there were some nice quiet moments where we enjoyed virtual solitude on the trail.
Then there were other sections where the cluster**** factor was pretty high.  This race has grown so much in popularity since its humble beginnings in 1993.  The event has always been both a running and mountain biking race and is the major fundraiser for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports.  Everyone was very cordial and friendly, but the constant back-and-forth was annoying at times to both runner and biker.  Of course, this was more of a factor for the 50k runner vs. the 50m.  (And if I do this race again, it will probably be the mtn. bike race vs. the run.)
More chatting with the locals...
Chris's favorite moment of the day was coming across a woman in the middle of the woods with a cooler full of beer... and she was sharing!  Trail magic!  Trail magic!  It was a very warm day for late September (low 80s!) so the beer was awesome.
Mt. Ascutney.  The end in sight!  Sort of.  There were still a few miles of mud, ups 'n downs, helping a biker who'd badly crashed, and slogging through the last three miles.
I have run the VT 50 miler 11 times, biked it twice, and now done the 50k and have never felt better at the finish.  Running with my honey rocks.  :)


Olga said...

It's a sweet way to see more with wider open eyes, and to cherish that special bond and relationship.

Psychic Defecation said...

How did I miss you!? I so wanted to see you there yesterday!

-Dr. Wu aka Mr. Kill

RunSueRun said...


I didn't even know you were there yesterday! How'd we miss each other? ;-) Didja have fun? Now I have to go check the damn results...

Psychic Defecation said...

Of course I was there! What time did you finish up the 50k? It was challenging and grueling (my first 50 miler) but I loved it! I was just happy to finish but now that I've done it I can start focusing on running more of the long courses etc. It was a great time, even some of the demoralizing parts were at least pretty (mile 48 and 49)... I hung around hoping to see you at the end but didn't. I dont have a beard or even long hair anymore... Loved it though!

metsky said...

I'd seriously like to try this next year, it seems much more fun than a road marathon. Just 50K for me, I think 50M might be asking too much just yet.

Jannick Kjaer said...

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Anonymous said...

I just moved to Vermont and was looking for some info on the 50k...low and behold your blog appeared! Thanks for the recap and the wonderful pictures. This would be my first attempt at anything more than a half marathon distance on trails (though time wise I have been out there for almost 3 hours at a time).

Any advice on how train and what to expect from this course?

All the best,