Monday, February 6, 2012

Skyline to the Sea

Chris has a gig in San Francisco for the next couple of weeks, so with some free days, we seized the opportunity to leisurely drive up gorgeous Highway 1.  After dinner with friends in Pismo Beach, we spent Thursday night camping at San Simeon State Park - in the back of the Honda Element of course.  Friday morning we checked out the amazing elephant seals nearby, then continued up the coast.
Our destination was Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a nice base for my run the next day.  Yep, I was able to do it just four days after gashing my knee...  "it" being the ~28 mile long Skyline to the Sea Trail.  What a trail runner's dream trail !!
The weather was stellar for running - sunny and 50s mostly.  Chris was able to meet me in three spots and got in a few miles himself.  I was very careful not to fall - opening the stitches would have been very ugly.  Surprisingly, the knee didn't hurt a bit.

The trail climbs about 700 feet total, descends about 3800, and goes through some stunning redwood forests.  At times it felt more like I was running in the Pacific Northwest than Coastal California.  (Portland's Wildwood Trail came to mind a few times.)  Just a lovely trail.

Made it!


Olga said...

The very first time Larry visited me back in Portland, his dream was to see where the mountains meet the ocean. I took him to the Oregon coast, and I didn't know about his dream. I think I got him right there and then:) Redwoods need a visit form me though.

Jamie Anderson said...

Sweet pics, Sue!!

Al said...

Did you swim in the ocean afterwards?