Wednesday, May 21, 2008


(won't see one of these in awhile...)

A quick post on the hotel computer in the lobby.

Most of our team arrived in Anchorage last night and congregated at the Long House Hotel. Looking out the airplane window for the last hour or so before landing, the mountains were stunningly, incredibly, awesomely, and spectacularly beautiful: peaks and whiteness as far as the eye could see!! Upon landing, although my watch said it was evening, that wasn't evident at all by the brightness of the sky. The sun finally went down around 11 or 12, I think, then rose again just a few hours later. After a good night's sleep, we spent the morning shopping for last-minute gear, food and spirits for our little adventure.

We are awaiting the arrival of Bob and Jeff shortly. We'll spend another night here at the Long House, then leave for Talkeetna at 8 a.m. After the mandatory NPS check-in, we are hoping to luck out and get flown onto the glacier tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, weather dependent of course.

We are excited and ready to climb the mountain if she'll let us. :)


Bill said...

Climb Sue Climb!!

Best wishes

Doug McKeever said...

Here's a web cam available through Talkeetna Air Taxi (Dom expedition's air carrier to the mountain):
You can get at least an idea of visibility from this viewpoint just a mile from the Talkeetna airport. Let's hope that they are able to get into the Kahiltna Glacier and start the fun on schedule! It is frustrating if one has to wait for weather just to get started, but that is common and climbers on Denali have to be patient above all else. Good luck Dom, we're all with you!

Thomson Family Adventures said...

good luck sue!!


Billy said...


Best of luck to you and the team. I'm putting out a prayer flag for you in the morning. Have a fantastic adventure.

Your buddy...Billy

Billy said...


Good luck to you and the team. I'll be sending up good karma.

Your Hardrock nap buddy, Billy