Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Misty trails

The Olympic Penninsula is splendid, and I've been getting in some nice trail miles: Yesterday morning was about 15 miles on the Duckabush Trail (I had to laugh when I saw a DUCK floating down the Duckabush River), and late afternoon we hiked up & ran down 6,288 ft. Mt. Townsend on an absolutely gorgeous, smooth, wide, pine-needle-covered, nicely switchbacked trail, about 8 miles round trip.

Some eerily beautiful woods on the way up. Yep, this region gets a lot of rainfall...

A bit nippy on top! "Hurry up & take the photo already!" (Is that Mt. Baker in the back??)

View from the summit ridge. Clouds were in and out all day but yippee! -- no rain. I almost expected Heidi and her goats to go strolling by.

Today I ran ~3 hours on Kitsap Penninsula's Green Mountain and Gold Hill. These were predominantly mountain biking trails, but being midweek I had the trails mostly to myself. At one point I came around a corner and encountered a mama deer with her little fawn standing in the trail. Neither seemed particularly afraid of me, so I slowly scooted around them. I could have reached out and touched the fawn's nose--it was that close! Although sorely tempted, I did not try to touch it, of course. Alas, the camera was sitting in the car!

Will be back in the Olympics for most of the weekend. Hoh Rainforest, here we come! :) Hope everyone reading this has a great one!!


Jamie Anderson said...

Great pictures! That's a gorgeous area.

Doug McKeever said...

Sue, yes, that's Mt.Baker in the background of the picture of you freezing on the summit of Mt. Townsend (matter of fact, I just summitted Baker yesterday, for the 64th time....but I haven't done it in every month of the year like you and your New England summits!)

P.S. you are getting in such great shape right now that you get to carry my pack on Rainier! HAHA!