Monday, June 18, 2007

Mt. St. Helens

Today we climbed Mt. St. Helens -- what a blast!! There was patchy snow soon after leaving the parking lot, but since the temps didn't fall below freezing overnight, none of it was very frozen/icy. I really enjoyed this hike--first active volcano for me! Also it was the first time I've climbed a mountain that cost money ($22 for a permit!) but well worth it in my opinion. These views are from the rim of the crater. There was quite a cornice right where the trail comes up to the rim, but a quick 5-10 minute walk west puts one in a safer viewing spot. That's Mt. Rainier in the background. We were able to do some fun butt sliding for several hundred feet on the descent--woohoo!


Anonymous said...

hey sue! ya ever read "dharma bums" by kerouac? greatest book ever written! and an important part takes place right where you are (were). read it! it's all about hikin' and climbin' and drinkin' wine and "yabyum" (if'n ya read da book you'll find out 'bout yabyum!) read it when ya get a chance now that ya been up dere!!!

RunSueRun said...

Hey Bruno, you crack me up. :p My "books to read" list is almost as long the "things to do before I die" list. Dharma Bums is on the list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, just a note that the peak you identify as Mt. Rainier is actually Mt. Adams 12,276'; they look very similar. I just climbed MSH Sunday! Cheers!