Thursday, June 14, 2007

Olympic wildlife

While driving down Hurricane Mountain Road in Olympic National Park, a bear sauntered across the road, in no apparent hurry. Its left ear was tagged.

That was pretty cool. Two minutes later, however, something even more cool happened. Sitting beside the road was this blue grouse--obviously male and obviously trying to attract a mate--all puffed up, strutting around, and thrumming his tune. *I* was impressed!

He could run, too!

Hoping for a herd of elk and maybe a mountain lion tomorrow? :-)


Anonymous said...

you take good pics sue! are there a lot of elk in washington? i always picture 'em in sunny settings. i was in glacier peak wilderness area (ya been there yet?) a few years ago and saw nary a one. but in colorado and wyoming i used to see thousands (specially around jackson). yer livin' da dream girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

You trip sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hope you get to see a herd of Elk tomorrow.