Monday, January 31, 2011

Brrr...mont, Week #2

Second of two weeks in Vermont...
1/25 - Short run of 3.5 miles, dirt road and snowmobile trail by headlamp.
1/26 - Greenbanks Hollow-VAST loop in Danville, 8 miles.  Much warmer today, temps 32F +/-.
1/27 - Rest day.
1/28 - 10 miles on beautiful, quiet dirt roads in Barnet Center.  No cars the entire time.  :)
1/29 - 18 miles of Kilkenny Ridge in 12.5 hours(!) breaking trail on snowshoes.  Winter Wonderland!
1/30 - 4 miles on dirt roads and snowmobile trails.
1/31 - 9 miles of snow covered dirt in Barnet Center, single digits but sunny.  Bye-bye Vermont - I love you in summer but only kind of like you in winter. 
2/1 - Hopefully back to Tan Land.  Currently on hold, trying to reroute flights through blizzard...  ai yi yi!

Update:  Persistence (~3 hours) and assertiveness ("No, I will NOT be routed through O'Hare you idiots!!") hopefully will get me to LAX, via Atlanta, today...


Olga said...

Are you finally home??? We have 19F today and next couple of days - in Austin!

RunSueRun said...

YES, Delta came through! I am very lucky. Back to the land of swaying palm trees, for a few days at least. :) Then it's off to Montana!!

It is currently 60 degrees. At yoga this morning, people were complaining about the "cold." Hah!