Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Year-End Review

It's already the 11th day of the New Year, so I'm a little overdue on my annual review.  I love lists and love documenting this kind of stuff, my excuse being that I'm half German. :)  It's fun and interesting to reflect on the adventures, trips, and goals of the year just passed before looking ahead to the next 12 months.  So here goes a short & sweet list of my highlights for 2010:

January:  Quad State Quad Buster
February:  100 Miles on the Arizona Trail
March:  Winter NH48 FKT 8d4h2m & Coyote Two Moon
April:  Georgia's 54m. Duncan Ridge Loop, Crewing Chris at LD50
June:  Laurel Highlands #3
July:  Cross-country road trip to Vermont, Fastpacking the Long Trail (my #1 highlight!)
August:  NH48 in 4d20h, Road trip back to California
September:  Bear 100
October:  Coyote Moab, Knobstone Trail in a day
November:  100-Mile week in the Shenandoahs
December:  Cajun Coyote

Miles for the year totalled just under 3000, almost exclusively on trail.  I did 70 yoga classes, mountain biked only twice, skied once, and according to Plus 3 stats raised over $525 for The Conservation Alliance.  Alas, I slacked in the book department averaging little better than one a month but definitely plan to remedy that in '11.  Constants include seeking new and creative endurance-related adventures, continuing to find ways of challenging myself, an intense love of the natural world and spending as much time as possible in it, and most importantly, sharing all of it with Chris. 

Next post:  goals for the coming year!

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