Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking ahead & My new 50 Project

Although I am not much of a planner preferring to live life more spontaneously, I do have some plans and ideas shaping up for the coming year.  Some are firm, some are still in the idea stage:

March:  Coyote Two Moon 100 mile (finally going to run the thing!)
May:  Jemez 50 mile
June:  Black Hills 100 mile (inaugural event!)
July:  Finally finish the Colorado 14ers (6 left) & Hike the Hardrock course w/Chris (4 days)
August:  Sierras!  Probable combo of peakbagging and long trail miles... TBD.
September:  Vermont 50 (a maybe)
November:  Coyote Vegas 
December:  Cajun Coyote

Yes, there are actually three 100 miles there!  After a four-year break from the distance, finishing The Bear last September was a positive enough experience that I want to do a few more.  :) 

I also have created a new 5-year project for myself--that of doing a minimum of 50 trail miles in all 50 states, along with the already completed 50 high points by the time I'm 50 (hence my choice of races in New  Mexico and South Dakota).  It is my belief that there are beautiful and interesting trails to be run and hiked in each of the 50 states.  Upon realizing that I was already over halfway there--and with the ability to combine some trail bagging with business travel--the project seemed to be a no brainer.  Miles can be either run or hiked, and both race and solo nonrace miles can be counted, as can multi-loop (Rocky Racoon, Cajun Coyote) courses although my preference is for 50 unique miles.  In some states--e.g. Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado, California--the criteria has been met multifold.  I am planning to create a separate page documenting trails/ultras completed in each state (click on link under C2M logo).  This project will take awhile and that's a good thing.  I think it'll be super fun!


Olga said...

2 posts a day! I think the plan sounds wonderful for you. May be we'll manage to cross paths again this year!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun year. Anke and I should be at Hardrock this year hiking and course marking and hanging out with Steve and Deb. Hope to see you and Chris at some point.


RunSueRun said...

Yay! Hope to cross paths with all of you in '11 - Olga, Pat, and Anke. Want to hike the HRH course w/us?

And Pat, once I've finished all the states, I'll venture north to the provinces... only in summer months though! ;-)

Laurel said...

Good luck on all your endeavors! I am trying to look ahead and get motivated, myself. Like you, a lot of my goals are personal, not necessarily races. I'm looking forward to reading about your successes!

meredith said...

I have now read your post probably 5 times! I am in 2011 adventure seeking mode, and keep trying to look at yours as some kind of guidance...Thank you for making me think and any thoughts are always welcome! You and Chris always seem to find the best of what the trails have to give :)

RunSueRun said...

Aww, thanks Meredith! :)

Leslie said...

You know Canada is not like a state, eh?!? You'll have to make an exception and come for some BONUS miles! (or kilometres, eh?)

RunSueRun said...

;-) The provinces shouldn't take as long. I once did a 50km trail run in Quebec - near the northern terminus of the Long Trail, and I have run the Haliburton 100 miler in Ontario, but that's it for Oh Canada! so far.